Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Masters Weekend from Warrior Custom Golf

What an exciting weekend of golf we all enjoyed at the Masters. Last week was full of more story lines than golf clubs in your bag. Of course there was the the abundance of Tiger Woods plots, scandals, and controversies. From his solid first round of golf on Day 1 at the Masters to the air mail he received from the planes above. There was also that very questionable commercial that everyone felt entitled to share their complaints about. Speaking about commercials, how many of you saw the brand new Warrior Custom Golf commercial that aired on the Golf Channel Network and ESPN. Warrior Custom Golf is looking for golfers to give feedback on some of their Tomahawk Series of golf clubs; they are even giving a way a free hybrid (over $200 value) for free! You can't beat a deal like that; find an excuse to play golf with a brand new Warrior Custom Golf hybrid, share your opinion, and with the world, and keep the new Warrior Custom Golf club for do so. The only financial responsibility, shipping and handling; you can't get a hybrid at a garage sale for that price! Warrior Custom Golf will even custom build the hybrid for you and your style of game!

Going back to Masters Weekend, there was a lot of great golf, and a great big congratulations to Phil Mickelson and his wife from Warrior Custom Golf, for the amazing effort put forth and great success they have achieved over the weekend. There is nothing better than Masters Weekend for a golfer, it is like opening day in baseball or football. It marks the beginning to nice golf weather across the country, many golf courses open the same weekend, and here at Warrior Custom Golf, we launch the biggest and best promotions of the golf season.

To golfers everywhere, golf season 2010 has arrived. It is time to dust off the golf shoes, buy a dozen of your favorite Warrior Custom Golf balls, and improve both your golf bag and golf game with some brand new Warrior Custom Golf clubs. No more complaints, no more scamming your wife, it is golf season and you don't need an excuse to get out their and play 18 holes as much as possible.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Warrior Custom Golf Signature Series Putter

Warrior Custom Golf has released a Limited Edition Signature Series Putter in both blade and mallet models. With the milled face on these putters, you are guaranteed a more consistent putt every single time. For those looking for a lighter mallet putter, the Signature Series Putter by Warrior Custom Golf is the ideal golf club. These new Warrior Custom Golf Putters normally retails for $149 but they are offering the new Warrior Golf Putter at wholesale from now through Masters weekend.
The Warrior Custom Golf putter in my golf bag is this incredible open-faced mallet putter. The milled face means that the face of the putter is perfectly flat with clean cut grooves that provide the consistency we all seek in our putting game. These Warrior Custom Golf Putters also come with a synchronized golf step-less steel shaft custom built for your height to ensure comfort and proper putting position. And to maximize the efficiency of your putting game, Warrior Custom Golf provides you with one of their proprietary custom grips. Whether you are looking for a standard grip. a jumbo grip, or a mid-sized cushioned grip, Warrior Custom Golf offers all the luxuries of custom golf clubs for your specific needs.
This Signature Series Putter by Warrior Custom Golf is a must have for any golfer serious about improving their golf game. I would put this club up against any Odyssey or Scotty Cameron on the market; it is that good!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Better than the Callaway Diablo Edge

We all saw the Callaway Diablo Edge Iron commercials yesterday during the SuperBowl 44 pre-game show. But who wants to spend that much on a set of irons that they haven't even played? Warrior Custom Golf has a set of Irons known as the Tomahawk Plus, comparable to the Diablo Edge by Callaway and at a fraction of the price. Even better, Warrior Custom Golf allows a golfer the opportunity to play their clubs for 45 days risk free* before they are committed to the clubs. No other major golf club manufacturer offers a deal as beneficial to the customer. Warrior Golf is so confident in their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, if their clubs don't earn a spot in your bag. Have you ever bought an expensive set of irons only to be so disappointed that you end up going back to your older out-dated irons? Of course you have. Every golfer has reverted back to an older club in their garage because the newest, most expensive club didn't work out for them. And guess what, you can't return those expensive clubs for your money back; we all know that. It only makes sense to for a golfer looking for the best clubs suited for them, to trying the Warrior Custom Golf Test Play Program and find the clubs that will work best for them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Saga of Warrior Custom Golf

This is my personal experience with Warrior Custom Golf. This is not a golf story, its a story about a very satisfied customer. You won’t believe this.

Last November, in response to a card I’d sent in, John from Warrior Custom Golf phoned to offer a set of golf clubs to test. After explaining the deal, they’d send me a set of irons that were comparable to the Calloway X-22 irons (Retail $1200) for a 45 day test. The informed me that they would charge my credit card for the wholesale price of $499 while I tested the clubs and would refund it when I sent them back. I could keep them for the $499.

Although I was hesitant about spending $500 on clubs I haven't even seen, if these clubs were as good as Jon was telling me, it would definitely be worth it; so I took a chance. For doing the test play, John offered to send me a set of the new fire forged irons, as good as any other wedge set on the market. He said I could keep the wedges just for testing the irons even if I didn’t keep them. I got the clubs about three weeks later.

I tested the irons on several rounds of golf and several trips to the driving range. I shaved 4 strokes off my game so I obviously decided to keep the clubs. In fact, each was about 15 yards longer than the corresponding Prince clubs I had been using. When John called me to follow up after the evaluation of the clubs I told him how pleased I was and offered me a new set of matching woods that I could not resist.

About a week after I received my knew fairway woods, I called Warrior to give them an evaluation of the clubs and to find out how to get headcovers. I talked to Valerie. She took great care of me sending me not only these great magnetic head covers but $150 worth of other Warrior Golf products of my choice.

I had read some compaints about the amount of time it took people to get their clubs since they are custom built, but I received all three shipments in realistic amount of time, considering the clubs are custom built. I am sure the time of year you order the clubs has a lot to do with it too.

Today, I called WCG customer service to find out how to sign up for one of their annual charity events. Warrior Golf does not only produce great quality clubs at affordable prices, but their charity work is something that any Warrior Customer should be proud us and I am glad that I took a chance on Warrior Custom Golf. By the way, my drive has increased 30 yards with the new Warrior driver.

For anyone wishing to buy or test golf clubs, I recommed to go to Warrior Custom Golf.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Warrior Custom Golf Hybrids

Warrior Custom Golf released their new Warrior Golf Hybrids as part of their 2010 Test Play Program. These hybrids will be the easiest club you will ever hit; combining the distance of a fairway wood with the control and accuracy of an iron. These are must have Warrior Golf clubs for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Short Game Promotion

Warrior Custom Golf has been offering some of the best golf club promotions for the last 15 years; nothing has changed in 2010. Warrior Custom Golf is offering their 2010 balata face putter and 27 degree chipper (total value of over $300) for free* just for test playing some of the 2010 Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods or irons. Warrior Custom Golf promotions

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Golfing Year Round

Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to live in Southern California and be able to golf year round. Warrior Custom Golf is offering a solution to those golfers struggle to hit the courses or driving range due to weather; it's their new Golf Practice Net. The Warrior Custom Golf Practice Net can be set up indoors or outdoors and comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation. The best of all...It's FREE* with your participation in a risk free test play of 2010 clubs!