Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Masters Weekend from Warrior Custom Golf

What an exciting weekend of golf we all enjoyed at the Masters. Last week was full of more story lines than golf clubs in your bag. Of course there was the the abundance of Tiger Woods plots, scandals, and controversies. From his solid first round of golf on Day 1 at the Masters to the air mail he received from the planes above. There was also that very questionable commercial that everyone felt entitled to share their complaints about. Speaking about commercials, how many of you saw the brand new Warrior Custom Golf commercial that aired on the Golf Channel Network and ESPN. Warrior Custom Golf is looking for golfers to give feedback on some of their Tomahawk Series of golf clubs; they are even giving a way a free hybrid (over $200 value) for free! You can't beat a deal like that; find an excuse to play golf with a brand new Warrior Custom Golf hybrid, share your opinion, and with the world, and keep the new Warrior Custom Golf club for do so. The only financial responsibility, shipping and handling; you can't get a hybrid at a garage sale for that price! Warrior Custom Golf will even custom build the hybrid for you and your style of game!

Going back to Masters Weekend, there was a lot of great golf, and a great big congratulations to Phil Mickelson and his wife from Warrior Custom Golf, for the amazing effort put forth and great success they have achieved over the weekend. There is nothing better than Masters Weekend for a golfer, it is like opening day in baseball or football. It marks the beginning to nice golf weather across the country, many golf courses open the same weekend, and here at Warrior Custom Golf, we launch the biggest and best promotions of the golf season.

To golfers everywhere, golf season 2010 has arrived. It is time to dust off the golf shoes, buy a dozen of your favorite Warrior Custom Golf balls, and improve both your golf bag and golf game with some brand new Warrior Custom Golf clubs. No more complaints, no more scamming your wife, it is golf season and you don't need an excuse to get out their and play 18 holes as much as possible.

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