Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warrior Custom Golf

It doesn’t matter if you are the occasional recreational golfer, training for the PGA Tour, or somewhere in between, every golfer will benefit from top quality custom built clubs. Warrior Custom Golf gives golfers the ability to purchase a set of custom clubs without breaking the bank.

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  1. I played a custom built set of clubs about 10 years ago...some local company that built knock-offs. I played them for 2 seasons and pretty much got ripped off; I had a cheap set from Walmart, that worked just as well.

    I received a promotion card regarding some golf balls in the mail from Warrior Custom Golf, and thougt I would give them a call. When I talked to them, they also offered me the 3 dozen balls and a new 50 degree for test playing their 3,5,7 extreme fairway woods.

    These clubs were custom built for me and have the adjustable weights that helped fix my terrible slice. I love these clubs, I just ordered the matching driver and can't wait to get it.